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Truth is, Donna, you are an amazing photographer that goes much deeper than your photos. We can see how much you care for life, in others and what's around you.

There's a quote I stumbled upon and it reminded me of you:
"Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second." -Marc Riboud

It's rare for a person to enjoy life, even more so to savor it as you do; and that we can see through your photos!

~Tracy Samaniego

Working with Donna was such a blast! She let me do my own thing, but still provided the direction I needed to make the shots perfect. The entire time I felt like a movie star!

The pictures were everything I could've hoped for and more: they were clean and beautifully composed and, most importantly, exactly what I wanted.

Whenever friends are looking for a portrait session, I immediately recommend them to Donna. Working with her was so easy and so fun, I can't wait to do it again!


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The portraits Donna has produced for me are now implemented throughout the spectrum of tools used in my business, ranging from audio CD covers, to bio-sheets, to stand up banners. THANK YOU Donna for using you exceptional talent and passion to capture and reflect commitment, trust and dedication toward my cause. Donna, wherever life takes you from project to project, may happiness always go with you!

~ Jason C.

Donna is an amazing photographer. How easy it was to work with her, including two small children.  We're never sure how the kids will react to strangers.  They felt right at ease with Donna.  We love our family photos!  Once family and friends see our Christmas card photo, I'm definitely  referring them to Donna.
~ Mary S.

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Donna is a consummate yet compassionate and gentle artist. If sitting for portraiture makes you nervous, Donna will put even the most hard-to-please subjects at their ease immediately. How she plies her craft is truly a gift.
~ Frank L.

Donna has taken professional shots of me for my business. This time, I was honored to be one of her "Women of Wisdom" and, despite my discomfort in front of a camera, she once again made the appointment fun.

I'm one of many who has experienced a life of feeling "not good enough," yet Donna has always captured a beauty I don't see in the mirror and I'm always happy with the outcome.

If you dislike being photographed, allow Donna to bring out your inner and outer beauty with her skillful eye and talent. You will feel at ease, maybe even dance a little to music and, viola!...there you are looking amazing.

Thank you, again, Donna. What a gift you've given me.

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I had a absolutely wonderful experience with Donna. At first I was a little hesitant because I always thought that I never photographed well. Either my smile appeared too big or if I didn't smile it look like I was mad. Well, Donna proved me wrong. 

She made me feel so comfortable during the photo shoot...she played music during the session which allowed me to express my creativity through movement and dance....something she knew I loved to do. She made me feel so special.

What was captured took me totally by surprise! When I had the presentation with her, I was moved to tears because I never thought the real beauty on the inside of me could be captured in a picture.

Donna is so pleasant and easy going and easy to work with. She has a way of bringing out the best in others. I totally recommend her for your next event or photo shoot. You won't be disappointed. I will definitely be seeing her again.
~ Doralyn S.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Donna Edman is a professional through and through. She captures the very essence of her subject and brings out the very best. My photo session was well-lit, well-posed in a small window of time. I have used the photos in my business materials. As an image consultant, I need to look my very best! and Donna did just that.
~ Nancy G.

Donna is very professional. Our portraits are amazing. She captured our family's smiles. Donna was easy to work with and the kids had fun!
~ Elizabeth E.

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I adored working with Donna on some portraits for my business.  She is everything I've heard and more. Friendly, great customer service, explains what each package contains. She gave great directions for me to follow. I didn't feel awkward like I have at photo sessions in the past. The photos I chose are awesome and really share what my brand is all about!
~ Patrice S.

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Untitled photo

Donna was wonderful to work with! I needed a head shot for an award I'm receiving next month (and something I could use for work and social media). I was nervous about the photo shoot but started to feel better the moment she opened the door. She made it comfortable, easy and pleasant throughout.And ...I was so happy with the results!

She is award-winning for a well-deserved reason. Everything was done in a timely manner - she met or exceeded deadlines she gave. I'm looking forward to our family photo shoot coming up!
~ Petra B.

I have had the pleasure of having Donna as my photographer twice now, and I couldn't recommend her more. She is professional, sweet, and a master at her craft. One can't help but feel at ease when working with her.

My boyfriend and I recently did a Knight and Princess shoot with Donna, and I remember telling him afterwards about the awards I've seen her win for her past work. When I found out that she won another award with one of our pictures, I was certainly joyful, but not surprised!

Donna is a phenomenal photographer who has done her homework when it comes to the camera. I encourage you to browse her website and see her work for yourself. You won't be disappointed! Thanks again, Donna!
~ Stephanie R.

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Untitled photo

Donna helped me with a professional business photo for social media and my website. I was very impressed with her portfolio and her eye for capturing personality. She helped me feel comfortable being in front of the camera, giving direction for best use of light and clothing choice, worked with my ideas, and even found the perfect model I requested for a specific shot.

She is very personable, fun, professional, and the turnaround time for finished portraits was super fast! I highly recommend her for anyone looking to do a professional portrait or fashion shoot.
~ Jordan W.

I booked a photo shoot with Donna for my sons infant pictures and a few pictures of the two of us together. She went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable and was so patient with my son during the session time.

I am very pleased with how my session turned out and my printed picture of my son is everything I wanted and more. She is very precise on her editing, which I love. I would definitely book another session with Donna and also refer her to other people. She was a pleasure to work with! 
~Noelle B.

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Untitled photo

When Donna Edman photographs people, she captures their energy, their passion, their heart. Her "eye", especially her eye for light, takes her subjects and their surroundings to another level. I have referred my branding clients to Donna because of the unique power of her work.
 ~ Rich K.

Working with Donna was great. She really listened to what we wanted, and our family photos turned out great. She met us at a location near our house, brought tons of lighting equipment, and really did a professional job. We will use her again, and would recommend her to anyone.
~ Seth D.

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Untitled photo

Both my brother and I have done photo shoots with Donna. My brother did his senior portrait and I've done head shots and modeled for her. Each time the photos came out amazing! Donna is wonderful to work with. I think the most important skill in a photographer is having the ability to direct their models accordingly--she does this and the results show in the photos. I use Donna for all my photography needs.
~ Alex Z.

I had the honor to work with award-winning photographer, Donna Edman, to recapture the vintage feels of the 1940s - 1950s era. She is a brilliant photographer. I highly recommend her talents for any photographs you may want!
~ Sasha R.

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Untitled photo

Donna was absolutely a joy to work with...the perfect mix of professionalism and fun! She made me feel completely at ease during our session. Also, I couldn't be more pleased with my business portrait. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a professional photographer who does top quality work.
~ Bill C.

We felt very comfortable working with Donna, as you can see from the expression of our faces.  Our portraits are a stunning representation, created by a true artist with attention to details.  I absolutely recommend Donna to my friends and family, as I know they will be in good hands.  Donna, I really appreciate your expertise and professionalism.
~ Julie M.

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Untitled photo

I am a professor at Cal State Fullerton, and at the very last minute, I had Donna come in to my class to shoot some "action shots" of me, as well as a couple head shots, which she graciously was willing to do. I could quickly tell she new her craft, and she quickly helped me feel comfortable. The end results were exactly what I was hoping for, and she was great to work with through the entire process. Thanks Donna!
~ Ryan G.

Thank you, Donna, for an amazing session! It was so fun dancing around this beautiful kitchen.
~ Matt R.

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Untitled photo

Donna was so welcoming and knowledgeable, from lighting to directing posing! I believe we ended up with more amazing photos then I ever expected! I brought along a fellow hairdresser who has done many shoots and he loved working with Donna as well.  She is very professional as well as fun and made us feel so welcome in her private home studio.

The photo turn around was extremely quick as well and the photos turned out gorgeous!!!! I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a great photographer any type of indoor or outdoor photos or events!
~ Jennie M.

Donna was easy and fun to work with, and our final images were beautiful.  She is a true professional photographer that was able to capture the images we were looking for.  I definitely recommend her for your family and business portraits.
~ Jim S.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

I have never had a session like I did with Donna. Her approach made me forget about the camera and brought out a natural and relaxed side of me. I was pleasantly surprised and I would highly recommend Donna Edman Photography for great results.
~ John L.

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I have been using Donna for several years to photograph our commercial projects, and could not be happier. She always accommodates our marketing department's requests related to file size, resolution &  editing. She maintains a flexible schedule, and has a knack for capturing the interesting aspects of the commercial office space behind the lens. Her support has definitely upped the ante in our Company's print and online marketing, and the product will be featured in our new website. Thank you, Donna!
~ Greg G.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Donna Edman is an extremely talented photographer. She came and took photos of our staff. Not only were the pictures gorgeous, my staff had a great time. Donna is a professional in everything that she does!!
 ~ Leonora F.

Donna is an amazingly talented photographer. We went to downtown Fullerton for a vintage 40's photo shoot that exceeded our expectations. She is patient and fun to work with as well. It’s no surprise her photography has been winning so many awards.
~ Sheri B.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Donna was absolutely a joy to work with...the perfect mix of professionalism and fun! She made me feel completely at ease during our session. Also, I couldn't be more pleased with my business portrait.

I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a professional photographer who does top quality work. It was great having Donna photograph our club members. I hate having my picture taken, but she made me feel so comfortable it was a pleasure. The pictures were fabulous.
~ Linda H.

Donna is so accommodating and easy to work with. When our children flew home to attend a big family event, I wanted to take the opportunity to meet for a good family portrait. It has been over 15 years since we were all together in one place. During that weekend, we were restricted to a small time frame due to conflicting events and flight schedules. When I asked Donna if she would squeeze in a family photo shoot, she was more than generous with the scheduling and location. During the hour-long photo shoot, she was patient and pleasant, especially dealing with our multi-generational crowd and a large dog. The session was fun and easy, everyone (young and old), had a great time posing for their pictures. Donna is a very talented photographer. All of the images were beautiful, natural looking, and professional. I highly recommend Donna as a photographer.

~Jeanie Y.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Donna was easy to work with and the poses she put me in didn't feel contrived or awkward. The session felt like it flew by and yet she got several different looks and backgrounds. She did an excellent job on the edits I requested and they were done in a timely manner. Communication with Donna was easy and the whole experience was professional, pleasant & friendly. Check out the gallery on her website to see the fantastic quality of her work. 
~ Valerie P.

Working with Donna was a pleasure and a breeze. She is a professional and an artist in her craft, her direction was thoughtful and clear, and the photographs came out absolutely stunning!! I highly recommend Donna Edman Photography.
~ Irina A.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Donna is very professional and compassionate about her work. Additionally, she has shown to care for her community with her engagement on city-wide initiatives. Love finding a business that gives back.
~ Debbie S.

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I loved sitting for Donna for my head shots. I use the shots everywhere I can (letterhead, website, social media, etc). They're great. Donna has a rare gift of being able to make people like me (skittish in front of cameras) feel very at ease.

I like to say Donna made me look better than I really look, but I agree with her when she says she only brought out the true me. Give Donna a try. You'll love what she does for you, and you'll have fun throughout the whole process, too!
~ Frank L.

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WOW! What can I say! I had the best, first time ever, professional photos done by Donna! So much fun and so professional, I was at such ease and I really had an amazing time! This was a bucket list item for me, I am so glad that Donna came into my life and did these amazing photos! Now I want to do another one! Can't wait till the next time!
~ Pam M.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed working with Donna on a photography project. I am a fine artist and I needed high quality images taken of my art. She took excellent pictures that I now use for reproducing my work.

Thank you so much Donna. I am looking forward to using you again!

~ Ray H.

053 Casino from Descanso Bay 24x36
Untitled photo

I saw Donna's name mentioned more than a few times on a local FB feed and they all praised her work. I needed an updated photo on my business card so I made an appt. Her rates were very reasonable and she knew exactly what I wanted. She was a pro and made me look great. She also touched up a few areas of concern without looking fake. It was just perfect. I highly recommend her.
~ Michelle S.

I worked with Donna on a project involving underprivileged children. Donna was absolutely amazing at capturing moments most photographers wouldn't even see. She has the eye!
~Dayna W.

Donna Edman is a true angel. I represent a non-profit program that helps provide free sports training and biblically based life skills to foster at-risk youth. We had a last minute opportunity to participate in a media event with a pro boxer and HBO sports. We contacted Donna two days prior to the event and not only did she clear her schedule but she also donated her photography services. There were a lot of other professional photographers there due to the nature of the event and media presence. I can say that the only one who was truly able to capture the essence of the hearts of each kid was Donna. It was such a special event for them and that reads in each and every photo taken by her. She truly blessed us with her gift by telling our story through pictures. Let her bless you too!
~ Kenya L.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Donna is an amazing photographer==very professional in addition to being friendly. She knows how to set up poses to fit the person and scene. She takes her time to get the perfect picture and uses different poses and background. In addition to her photography skills Donna gives back to the community and is active in Fullerton philanthropic activities and Woman's organizations.
~ Diane W.

Donna is a very talented photographer. We were involved with her Irina/Jet/36 Ford shoot recently by providing the 1936 Ford Roadster.

We had a blast. We loved watching Donna interact with her model Irina and the perfect dog model Jet, a Borzoi, while composing the vehicle and the location, to create a vision of a time in the past.

As in all of her work, Donna interpreted her ideas with a combination of skill, artistry, a bit of intrigue, and a dose of fun. We recommend Donna for any photography need.
~ Jim S.

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